Our method

This is how we did it!

Our workshops were held at the Museum of Gothenburg. Anywhere from five or six, and up to 20 people were attending each workshop.
Each workshop lasted about 2-4 hours. We used to test and hold discussions in smaller groups and then gather and evaluate altogether.
For each workshop we used to focus on a specific subject, for example how to write legible texts for exhibitions, or how easily you could maneuver your wheelchair around obstacles in the exhibition room.  
After the evaluations we used to finish off with a coffee break. Make sure you have time for some laidback chit-chat after your workshop! It will enhance the feeling of togetherness in the group and thus make the group feel comfortable and secure enough to share their true thoughts about the availability in the exhibition or other environment as such.
Everything we learned in our workshops we tried to pass down to the Museum so they in return could use this knowledge to make the visits better for all museum visitors.
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