Funktek Pilot

Some things you can’t learn by reading. You have to experience them to fully understand.

During the three year long project Funktek followed the creative process of several exhibitions from start to finish. We participated in the guided tours outdoors – the so-called “city walks” – and other activities held by the Museum, lectures for example.
We did a total of more than 80 workshops with different subjects.
Our method – to evaluate in workshops along with visitors of the Museum of Gothenburg – developed in the process of time, from method to solution. We began to understand that if you want to create a Museum that includes all visitors, you have to ask the visitors themselves what they want and what they need. And then do as they say!
The most trustworthy informants about the subject “unavailable environments” are the ones with personally gained experience of the same. This is why Funktek employed people with varied disabilities to examine and analyse the exhibitions of the Museum of Gothenburg. This was called working as a funktek pilot.

The funktek pilots have tried new technology and new methods. They have evaluated existing exhibitions and guided tours. They have developed new solutions and propositions for the Museum. They have blogged, lectured, and have ran workshops and educational courses for the staff of the Museum.

It has come naturally for Funktek to let the Funktek pilots get reasonably paid for their work. The payment have been mandatory for the pilots to be able to work as much as they have done. However, one should keep in mind that if the pilot gets paid by the hour it could affect the ability of other compensation such as social insurances. If you want to take the help of referees in your business and also want to pay for their work (Very good idea! Go for it!) it is therefore important to check what applies if someone is receiving any partial compensation such as insurance.  

In Our method you can read more about how Funktek has evaluated the Museum of Gothenburg.