This is what we wanted

Shouldn't culture exist for everyone?

Museums should be available to everyone. Therefore they should be accessible to everyone.

Everyone has the right to participate in culture, and to be a part of creating it! But due to standards in society many places (and museums) are difficult to visit for people with disabilities. Funktek wanted to change this.

The purpose of the Funktek project was to ensure that everyone could visit and experience museums.
To achieve this we hired people with varied disabilities to examine and analyse the exhibitions of the Museum of Gothenburg. With the knowledge and experience of those who know what it’s like to be excluded by society, we could work to create a better museum. We wanted to change the foundation of how exhibits are envisioned, planned and built, so that future museums can incorporate accessibility into their very design. We did not want to find more separate, special solutions, but solutions that worked for everyone.

We wanted every person to be able to experience and enjoy the museum’s exhibitions under the same conditions as everyone else.

Even if the project has reached its end this website remains. This way it can continue to inspire other organizations and businesses to make their workplaces available for everyone.
Feel free to look around!